Great concept for long weekend

At the moment, people from Poland are traveling more then ever. We’re going to far away lands and places located nearby. All because of small airline companies, which begun to create flights in here, when we became members of EU. When you are arranging your holidays, but you can’t afford plenty of days off at work, you should consider to try on a city break.

When you like to travel for couple days, the best will be Europe. When you have never visited UK, you need to reserve flight from Warsaw to London immediately. Capital of this amazing country is one of the most


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popular cities to visit. Each type of tourist should find something interesting in there (discover more). When you like an architecture, you need to visit the Tower, one of the oldest structure in there. It use to be a prison for political inmates. Even Mary of Stuart use to be kept in there. When you are searching for flight from Warsaw to London in reasonable price, try to avoid hot season, like Christmas or Easter.

You prefer to select hotter country for your cheap flights Venice is nicest call. This astonishing town is very romantic spot, so it will be great area for your anniversary with wife. Imagine long, moody cruises along the narrow canals of the river in town.


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You will be able to admire the glitter of the buildings . Also, when you are an admirer of carnival, go to Venice, it is the first place, where events this kind took place in the Old Continent. To reserve cheap flights to there, you need to think about it several weeks ahead.

When you’re a city break fan, you have to choose some European metropolis. London and Venice both are great towns with a lot of history in it. You could enjoy in there interesting events, delicious cuisine, and plenty of phenomenal buildings. And all of that for a penny, since there are great offers from cheap airline carriers available.

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