Nicest countries for next holidays

Even after climate changes, that appeared in last decade, still winter in Poland is too cold for most of people. That’s why after it’s finally over, we’re planning a vacations in any interesting, tropical countries.

There are a lot of alternatives to choose, so often decision could be really difficult. If you’ve problems like that, here are several ideas for this summer.

Autor: falkowata

Autor: Artur Nowacki

When you’ve never visited this continent earlier you have to reserve all inclusive tour immediately. Whole Asia is stuffed with beautiful countries, which may provide to the European tourists interesting attractions and phenomenal panoramas. Right now, the most popular is Thailand, each year plenty of people are visiting it for vacations. Most of trips from travel offices are beginning in Bangkok, phenomenal urban jungle, and then drive travelers to the south. You can choose vacations on one of amazing isles, where sand is gold and water is really pleasant. In Thailand you will also see amazing, oriental temples.
Southern America
A bit more costly can be all inclusive tour to Southern America, although it is worth all the money for sure. This land is the perfect spot to admire colonial buildings, adapted into warm, exotic wildlife. The most popular destination in the area is Cuba, localized on a huge island. That is the country where time were stopped in the middle of 50’s, after changes in local parliament. Western travelers will have a chance to see streets filled with old-fashioned, American vehicles and old vendor machines.

Beside, during a holidays in Cuba you have to explore cigars and rum factory. For tour around the isle will be the best to rent a vehicle, gasoline is really cheap. If you do not have a licence use a public transportation.