You normally come back from work quite late on Friday evening, and normally have no further plans for the already started weekend. You will presumably do some shopping, go to the park in the corner and possibly meet with some friends. Most of your weekends look exactly the same and you don’t habe any idea how to improve it. However, we prepared some suggestions for you! Why don’t you visit completely new places in other countries? Weekend would be just perfect for that! Especially for these 2 locations that we have chosen for you!

1 of them is Riga, the capital and the biggest city of Latvia. There are a lot of direct flights from warsaw to riga. In consequence, you could be sure that you would find hours and dates that are convenient for you. Prices are also rather low, thus you shouldn’t be worried about this. Riga got much to offer for visitors. E.g., you can visit 1 of the great museums. One of them is obviously the Museum of the Occupation.


Autor: Daniel Jolivet

In this museum you can see a reconstruction of Gulag barracks, various pics as well as get to know histories of personal struggles and lives Riga there are lots of places connected to its hard but gorgeous history, for example, the Freedom Monument. In consequence, if you are a fun of history, Riga is a perfect choice for you! Later on, you can hung out the gorgeous Old Town! Tons of small, extremely climatic streets, a lot of restaurants and pubs with really good beers. Those evenings spent in the climatic Old Town are simply unforgettable! Consequently, you shouldn’t hesitate any longer and check flights from warsaw to riga even tonight!

The second idea for the short trip is Budapest, the biggest city as well as the capital of Hungary. There are lots of direct flights to Budapest what will make this trip very easy to organize. Budapest, as many other cities in the region, has very hard history – . However, Budapest managed to present its history in a v|R|W=200|ALT=city|TITLE=city] For instance, the incredible horror of Jewish history during the Second World War is symbolized by… shoes placed by Chain Bridge! This should give you a clue how special this city is! Apart from historical sites, you would have an opportunity to visit unique cafes as well as fashionable restaurant which serve typical Hungarian dishes.

One thing is sure – Hungarian cuisine is 1 of the best in the world. Everybody can find something for himself, as the choice is certainly wide. You would enjoy such dishes as for example goulash, sweet cheese dumplings, chicken paprikash as well as chimney cake. Sounds good? So perhaps you should consider booking your flights to Budapest soon! It might be 1 of the best weekend trips you have ever experienced!