Do not sit at home – go on holidays

The present analysis has revealed that the majority of the individuals from the EU do not run on vacations yearly. They claim that the transportation to the most fashionable vacation destinations is much expensive that it used to be. Still, that article will confirm that the cheap airplane tickets are affordable for every holidaymaker and it’s worth to find other cities than London area and Rome.

To the eastern

Some people state that Europe ends near to edge with Poland, in the Eastern Germany. Nonetheless, here is simply damaging to state about the nations that are situated in the Central and east Europe – click. Many examples of these countries are Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania. They are also well-developed, have many attractions and inspire million of holidaymakers annually.


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That article will focus on inexpensive flights from warsaw to minsk and Minsk which is the main city office (see the biggest location of the Republic of Belarus. That location is situated on two rivers – the Svislach and Nyamiha. Minsk is also an admin center of the Commonwealth to Independent States.


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When it goes to flights from warsaw to minsk, the location is served by Minsk International Airport which is situated about forty-two kilometres from Minsk town centre. The adventure from the capital of Poland, Warsaw to Minsk normally continues about one 60 minutes and about 15 mins. The trip starts at Warsaw Frederic Chopin International Airport and closes at Minsk Foreign flight terminal. The flights are provided by seasoned and well qualified employees of known trip companies. The transport possibilities to the town are controlled by taxi cabs and small buses and it takes less than 1 hour to obtain to the city centre.

To the East

The 2nd location which will be explained in the article is Beirut. Beirut is a capital and the biggest location found in Lebanon. It is bordered by Israel and Syria. In today’s world, the cheap flights to beirut will give you a chance to find the world and spend beautiful time in Lebanon. The site of the town is perfect for the tourists who prefer hot locations where the sun shines daily and where there is no rain at all while summer and spring . That city is positioned on the Mediterranean Sea shoreline, in Asia. Before, here were no flights to beirut because there were military tasks and civil war. Thankfully, nowadays it’s a relaxed country which attracts travelers who are not afraid of warm weather and 1 of its sort sights.